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Round 10

Glebe 5 lost to Balmain Tigers 10

Match URL
Saturday, August 8th, 1908
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
M McDermott
Birchgrove Oval (Sydney)
  Glebe Balmain Tigers
  5 10

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Tom McCabe   Martin Laidlaw
        Joe Regent
Goals       G Fitzpatrick (1)
        Alf Latta (1)
Field Goals   Albert Conlon    


Fullback 1. Albert Wright 1. G Fitzpatrick
Wing 2. F Prendergast 2. George Wilcox
Centre 3. Eddie Ogaard 3. Alf Latta
Centre 4. W Pendergast 4. A Walker
Wing 5. Lloyd Edwards 5. Fred Woolley
Five-Eighth 6. Albert Conlon 6. Tommy O'Donnell
Halfback 7. Dick Burdon 7. A Davidson
Lock 8. Vic Harris 8. John Woodward
Second Row 9. N Reid 9. Martin Laidlaw
Second Row 10. J Pearce 10. Joe Apoloney
Front Row 11. J Ryan 11. Joe Regent
Hooker 12. Alex Burdon (c) 12. Ted McFadden
Front Row 13. Tom McCabe 13. Robert Graves (c)
Coach       Robert Graves

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

Match Notes

This game was played in slippery conditions. In the second half, the Sydney Mail report says the playing area was "little more than a puddle", and from one stage in the second half to the end the game was played in heavy rain, with players finding it difficult to get their footing for the most part, causing great amusement at times to the crowd.

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