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Round 1

Eastern Suburbs 32 def. Newtown Jets 16

Match URL
Monday, April 20th, 1908
Kick Off
2:00 PM (local time)
Edward Hooper
Wentworth Park (Sydney)
  Eastern Suburbs Newtown Jets
  32 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score 11 10

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Johnno Stuntz (4)   Jack Scott (2)
    David Brown   C Manton
    Lou d'Alpuget   James Williams
    Horrie Miller    
    W Smith    
Goals   Lou Jones (2)   Jack Scott (2)
    Albert Rosenfeld (1)    
Field Goals   Horrie Miller    


Fullback 1. W Fry 1. E Hurford
Wing 2. Johnno Stuntz 2. Edward Burdett
Centre 3. W Smith 3. Jack Scott
Centre 4. David Brown 4. Frank Cheadle
Wing 5. Dan Frawley 5. L Fairburn
Five-Eighth 6. Albert Rosenfeld (c) 6. C Manton
Halfback 7. Lou d'Alpuget 7. E MacFarlane
Lock 8. Bob Mable 8. Chris Powell
Second Row 9. Lou Jones 9. James Williams
Second Row 10. Larry O'Malley 10. Thomas McIntosh
Front Row 11. Herb Brackenreg 11. Ed Courtney
Hooker 12. Sandy Pearce 12. Bill Noble
Front Row 13. Harry Flegg 13. Harry Hamill (c)
Bench 14. Horrie Miller 14. K Henger

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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