NRL 2020

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Round 1
Thu Mar 12th 8:05pm Parramatta 8 Canterbury 2 G. Atkins, P. Gough Bankwest Stadium 21,363 View
Fri Mar 13th 6:00pm Canberra 24 Gold Coast Titans 6 C. Sutton, D. Munro GIO Stadium 10,610 View
Fri Mar 13th 8:05pm North Queensland 21 Brisbane 28 G. Sutton, G. Badger QLD Country Bank 22,459 View
Sat Mar 14th 3:00pm Newcastle 20 Warriors 0 H. Perenara, Z. Przeklasa-Adamski McDonald Jones 10,239 View
Sat Mar 14th 7:35pm Penrith 20 Sydney 14 A. Gee, C. Butler Panthers Stadium 10,160 View
Sat Mar 14th 5:30pm South Sydney 22 Cronulla 18 B. Cummins, B. Sharpe ANZ 6,235 View
Sun Mar 15th 4:05pm Manly Warringah 4 Melbourne 18 M. Cecchin, J. Stone Lottoland 10,315 View
Sun Mar 15th 6:15pm St George Illawarra 14 Wests Tigers 24 A. Klein, P. Henderson WIN Stadium 9,137 View
Round 2
Thu Mar 19th 8:05pm Canterbury 16 North Queensland 24 A. Gee, C. Butler ANZ   View
Fri Mar 20th 8:05pm Brisbane 22 South Sydney 18 G. Atkins, P. Gough Suncorp   View
Fri Mar 20th 6:00pm St George Illawarra 28 Penrith 32 M. Cecchin, J. Stone Netstrata   View
Sat Mar 21st 7:35pm Cronulla 10 Melbourne 12 A. Klein, P. Henderson Netstrata   View
Sat Mar 21st 5:30pm Sydney 8 Manly Warringah 9 B. Cummins, B. Sharpe Leichhardt   View
Sat Mar 21st 3:00pm Warriors 6 Canberra 20 C. Sutton, D. Munro CBUS   View
Sun Mar 22nd 6:15pm Gold Coast Titans 6 Parramatta 46 H. Perenara, Z. Przeklasa-Adamski CBUS   View
Sun Mar 22nd 4:05pm Wests Tigers 24 Newcastle 42 G. Sutton, G. Badger Leichhardt   View
Round 3
Thu May 28th 7:50pm Brisbane 6 Parramatta 34 G. Sutton Suncorp   View
Fri May 29th 6:00pm North Queensland 36 Gold Coast Titans 6 H. Perenara QLD Country Bank   View
Fri May 29th 7:55pm Sydney 28 South Sydney 12 A. Klein Bankwest Stadium   View
Sat May 30th 5:30pm Cronulla 16 Wests Tigers 28 A. Gee Bankwest Stadium   View
Sat May 30th 7:35pm Melbourne 6 Canberra 22 G. Atkins AAMI Park   View
Sat May 30th 3:00pm Warriors 18 St George Illawarra 0 C. Sutton Central Coast   View
Sun May 31st 6:30pm Manly Warringah 32 Canterbury 6 M. Cecchin Central Coast   View
Sun May 31st 4:05pm Penrith 14 Newcastle 14 B. Cummins Campbelltown   View
Round 4
Thu Jun 4th 7:50pm Brisbane 0 Sydney 59 G. Atkins Suncorp   View
Fri Jun 5th 7:50pm Melbourne 22 South Sydney 8 G. Sutton AAMI Park   View
Fri Jun 5th 6:00pm Penrith 26 Warriors 0 M. Cecchin Campbelltown   View
Sat Jun 6th 7:35pm North Queensland 16 Cronulla 26 C. Sutton QLD Country Bank   View
Sat Jun 6th 5:30pm Parramatta 19 Manly Warringah 16 B. Cummins Bankwest Stadium   View
Sun Jun 7th 4:05pm Canberra 18 Newcastle 34 A. Klein Campbelltown   View
Sun Jun 7th 6:30pm Gold Coast Titans 28 Wests Tigers 23 A. Gee Suncorp   View
Mon Jun 8th 4:05pm Canterbury 22 St George Illawarra 2 H. Perenara Bankwest Stadium   View
Round 5
Thu Jun 11th 7:50pm Manly Warringah 20 Brisbane 18 A. Klein Central Coast 178 View
Fri Jun 12th 7:55pm Parramatta 16 Penrith 10 G. Sutton Bankwest Stadium 507 View
Fri Jun 12th 6:00pm Warriors 37 North Queensland 26 A. Gee Central Coast   View
Sat Jun 13th 5:30pm Newcastle 12 Melbourne 26 B. Cummins Central Coast   View
Sat Jun 13th 3:00pm South Sydney 32 Gold Coast Titans 12 M. Cecchin Bankwest Stadium 415 View
Sat Jun 13th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 6 Canberra 14 C. Sutton Campbelltown   View
Sun Jun 14th 4:05pm St George Illawarra 30 Cronulla 16 H. Perenara Campbelltown   View
Mon Jun 15th 7:00pm Canterbury 6 Sydney 42 G. Atkins Bankwest Stadium   View
Round 6
Thu Jun 18th 7:50pm Newcastle 27 Brisbane 6 G. Sutton Central Coast 167 View
Fri Jun 19th 7:50pm Penrith 21 Melbourne 14 A. Klein Campbelltown   View
Fri Jun 19th 6:00pm South Sydney 40 Warriors 12 M. Cecchin Bankwest Stadium   View
Sat Jun 20th 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 8 St George Illawarra 20 C. Sutton Suncorp 1,930 View
Sat Jun 20th 7:35pm Sydney 24 Parramatta 10 B. Cummins Bankwest Stadium 579 View
Sat Jun 20th 5:30pm Wests Tigers 36 North Queensland 20 H. Perenara Campbelltown   View
Sun Jun 21st 4:05pm Canberra 6 Manly Warringah 14 G. Atkins Campbelltown   View
Sun Jun 21st 6:30pm Cronulla 20 Canterbury 18 A. Gee Bankwest Stadium   View
Round 7
Thu Jun 25th 7:50pm Penrith 20 South Sydney 12 G. Sutton Netstrata   View
Fri Jun 26th 6:00pm Melbourne 50 Warriors 6 B. Cummins Netstrata   View
Fri Jun 26th 7:55pm Sydney 26 St George Illawarra 12 G. Atkins Bankwest Stadium   View
Sat Jun 27th 5:30pm Brisbane 12 Gold Coast Titans 30 P. Gough Suncorp 6,262 View
Sat Jun 27th 3:00pm North Queensland 32 Newcastle 20 M. Cecchin QLD Country Bank   View
Sat Jun 27th 7:35pm Parramatta 25 Canberra 24 A. Klein Bankwest Stadium 560 View
Sun Jun 28th 6:30pm Canterbury 6 Wests Tigers 34 H. Perenara Bankwest Stadium   View
Sun Jun 28th 4:05pm Manly Warringah 22 Cronulla 40 A. Gee Central Coast   View
Round 8
Thu Jul 2nd 7:50pm Melbourne 27 Sydney 25 A. Klein Suncorp   View
Fri Jul 3rd 6:00pm Canberra 22 St George Illawarra 16 M. Cecchin GIO Stadium 2,500 View
Fri Jul 3rd 7:55pm Parramatta 42 North Queensland 4 B. Cummins Bankwest Stadium 6,730 View
Sat Jul 4th 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 10 Cronulla 40 C. Sutton CBUS 1,995 View
Sat Jul 4th 5:30pm Warriors 26 Brisbane 16 C. Butler Central Coast   View
Sat Jul 4th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 12 Penrith 19 A. Gee Bankwest Stadium 5,107 View
Sun Jul 5th 6:30pm Canterbury 10 South Sydney 26 P. Gough Bankwest Stadium 3,858 View
Sun Jul 5th 4:05pm Manly Warringah 12 Newcastle 14 G. Atkins Lottoland 2,271 View
Round 9
Thu Jul 9th 7:50pm North Queensland 16 Sydney 42 A. Gee QLD Country Bank   View
Fri Jul 10th 6:00pm Gold Coast Titans 16 Warriors 12 C. Butler CBUS 5,206 View
Fri Jul 10th 7:55pm South Sydney 18 Wests Tigers 10 B. Cummins Bankwest Stadium 4,864 View
Sat Jul 11th 5:30pm Brisbane 26 Canterbury 8 C. Sutton Suncorp   View
Sat Jul 11th 7:35pm Canberra 14 Melbourne 20 G. Atkins GIO Stadium   View
Sat Jul 11th 3:00pm Cronulla 24 Penrith 56 A. Klein Netstrata 3,277 View
Sun Jul 12th 4:05pm Newcastle 4 Parramatta 10 G. Sutton McDonald Jones 6,980 View
Sun Jul 12th 6:30pm St George Illawarra 34 Manly Warringah 4 M. Cecchin Netstrata 1,571 View
Round 10
Thu Jul 16th 7:50pm Sydney 20 Canberra 24 G. Sutton SCG 3,476 View
Fri Jul 17th 6:00pm Melbourne 42 Gold Coast Titans 6 C. Sutton Sunshine Coast 6,000 View
Fri Jul 17th 7:55pm Wests Tigers 48 Brisbane 0 A. Gee Leichhardt 2,633 View
Sat Jul 18th 7:35pm Manly Warringah 22 Parramatta 18 A. Klein Lottoland 2,021 View
Sat Jul 18th 3:00pm St George Illawarra 28 Canterbury 22 H. Perenara WIN Stadium 1,619 View
Sat Jul 18th 5:30pm South Sydney 18 Newcastle 20 G. Atkins Bankwest Stadium 4,249 View
Sun Jul 19th 4:05pm Penrith 22 North Queensland 10 B. Cummins Panthers Stadium   View
Sun Jul 19th 2:00pm Warriors 10 Cronulla 46 M. Cecchin Central Coast   View
Round 11
Thu Jul 23rd 7:50pm Parramatta 26 Wests Tigers 16 G. Sutton Bankwest Stadium 6,403 View
Fri Jul 24th 7:55pm Brisbane 8 Melbourne 46 B. Cummins Suncorp   View
Fri Jul 24th 6:00pm North Queensland 12 Manly Warringah 24 H. Perenara QLD Country Bank   View
Sat Jul 25th 7:35pm Canberra 18 South Sydney 12 A. Klein GIO Stadium   View
Sat Jul 25th 5:30pm Cronulla 28 St George Illawarra 24 G. Atkins Netstrata 3,179 View
Sat Jul 25th 3:00pm Warriors 10 Sydney 18 C. Sutton Central Coast   View
Sun Jul 26th 4:05pm Gold Coast Titans 14 Penrith 22 A. Gee CBUS   View
Sun Jul 26th 2:00pm Newcastle 12 Canterbury 18 M. Cecchin McDonald Jones   View
Round 12
Thu Jul 30th 7:50pm St George Illawarra 24 South Sydney 32 A. Klein Netstrata 2,719 View
Fri Jul 31st 7:55pm Brisbane 26 Cronulla 36 M. Cecchin Suncorp   View
Fri Jul 31st 6:00pm Wests Tigers 20 Warriors 26 P. Gough SCG   View
Sat Aug 1st 7:35pm Manly Warringah 12 Penrith 42 G. Sutton Lottoland 2,729 View
Sat Aug 1st 5:30pm North Queensland 12 Canberra 14 B. Cummins QLD Country Bank   View
Sat Aug 1st 3:00pm Sydney 18 Gold Coast Titans 12 H. Perenara SCG   View
Sun Aug 2nd 2:00pm Canterbury 16 Parramatta 18 C. Sutton ANZ   View
Sun Aug 2nd 4:05pm Melbourne 26 Newcastle 16 A. Gee Sunshine Coast   View

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