NRL 2009

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Round 19

Brisbane Broncos 12 lost to South Sydney Rabbitohs 44

Match URL
Friday, July 17th, 2009
Kick Off
6:40 PM (local time)
Gavin Badger, Tony De Las Heras
Lang Park (Brisbane)
  Brisbane Broncos South Sydney Rabbitohs
  12 44

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 16
Scrums 8 4
Penalties 5 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Corey Parker   Beau Champion (3)
    Dave Taylor   Nathan Merritt (2)
        Eddy Pettybourne
        Fetuli Talanoa
        Dave Tyrrell
Goals   Peter Wallace (2/2)   Chris Sandow (5/7)
        Issac Luke (1/2)


Fullback 1. Karmichael Hunt 1. Nathan Merritt
Wing 2. Antonio Winterstein 2. Jamie Simpson
Centre 3. Steve Michaels 3. Colin Best
Centre 4. Justin Hodges 4. Beau Champion
Wing 5. Alex Glenn 5. Fetuli Talanoa
Five-Eighth 18. Aaron Gorrell 6. John Sutton
Halfback 7. Peter Wallace 7. Chris Sandow
Front Row 8. Josh McGuire 8. Luke Stuart
Hooker 9. Andrew McCullough 9. Issac Luke
Front Row 10. Joel Clinton 10. Roy Asotasi (c)
Second Row 11. Guy Williams 11. Ben Lowe
Second Row 16. Ben Te'o 12. Eddy Pettybourne
Lock 13. Corey Parker (c) 13. David Fa'alogo
Bench 14. Tonie Carroll 14. Craig Wing
Bench 15. Lagi Setu 15. Shannan McPherson
Bench 17. Dave Taylor 17. Scott Geddes
Bench 19. Josh Hoffman 18. Dave Tyrrell
Coach   Ivan Henjak   Jason Taylor

Match Notes

On 66', referee Tony De Las Heras was knocked unconscious. South Sydney's Jamie Simpson made a break inside his own half and accidentally collided with De Las Heras. As the referee attempted to get to his feet, Brisbane's Tonie Carroll accidentally kneed him in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. His duties were taken over by touch judge Phil Haines for the remainder of the match.

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