NRL 2000

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Round 18

Northern Eagles 20 lost to Sydney Roosters 22

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Sunday, June 4th, 2000
Tony Archer
Grahame Park (Gosford)
  Northern Eagles Sydney Roosters
  20 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score    
Scrums 7 4
Penalties 5 4

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Andrew Frew (3)   Ryan Cross
    Albert Torrens   Chris Flannery
        Shannon Hegarty
        David Solomona
Goals   Matt Orford (2/4)   Craig Fitzgibbon (3/4)
        Luke Phillips (0/1)


Fullback 1. Andrew King 1. Luke Phillips
Wing 19. Andrew Frew 2. Jack Elsegood
Centre 3. Albert Torrens 3. Ryan Cross
Centre 4. Nigel Roy 4. Shannon Hegarty
Wing 5. Joshua Smith 5. Anthony Minichiello
Five-Eighth 18. Adam Hayden 6. Chris Flannery
Halfback 7. Matt Orford 7. Craig Wing
Front Row 8. Steve Trindall 8. Ian Rubin
Hooker 9. Jamie Goddard 9. Simon Bonetti
Front Row 10. Paul Stringer 10. Scott Logan
Second Row 11. Steve Menzies (c) 11. Luke Ricketson (c)
Second Row 12. Dragan Durdevic 12. Craig Fitzgibbon
Lock 13. Daniel Gartner 13. Darren Burns
Bench 14. Owen Cunningham 14. David Solomona
Bench 15. Greg Ebrill 15. Dallas Hood
Bench 16. Damien Driscoll 16. Albert Talipeau
Bench 17. Jay Bandy 17. Julian Bailey
Coach   Peter Sharp   Graham Murray

Match Notes

NRL Stats incorrectly lists the date of this game as being played on the 3rd of June.

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