Northern Rugby League 1972

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* denotes that some matches played at this venue have no crowd figure recorded.

Name ↓ Home Team(s) City Country Matches Average Crowd  
Central Park Leigh, Wigan Wigan England 2 5,421 Match list
Crown Flatt (Old) Dewsbury Dewsbury England 1 1,897 Match list
Fartown Huddersfield Fartown (Huddersfield) England 1 10,102 Match list
Headingley Bradford Northern, Featherstone Rovers, Leeds Headingley (Leeds) England 2 14,699 Match list
Knowsley Road St Helens Eccleston (St Helens) England 1 10,000 Match list
Lang Park Australia Milton (Brisbane) Australia 1 20,847 Match list
McLaren Field Bramley Bramley (Leeds) England 1 616 Match list
Odsal Stadium Bradford Northern Odsal (Bradford) England 4 12,001 Match list
Seiffert Oval NSW Country Queanbeyan Australia 1 4,000 Match list
Sydney Cricket Ground Australia Moore Park (Sydney) Australia 1 29,714 Match list
Wembley Stadium (Old) Wembley (London) England 1 72,395 Match list
Wilderspool Warrington Wilderspool (Warrington) England 1 6,879 Match list


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