Northern Rugby League 1934

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* denotes that some matches played at this venue have no crowd figure recorded.

Name ↓ Home Team(s) City Country Matches Average Crowd  
Central Park Wigan Wigan England 3 21,133 Match list
Crown Flatt (Old) Dewsbury England 1 22,598 Match list
Fartown Huddersfield Fartown (Huddersfield) England 1 10,500 Match list
Headingley Huddersfield, Leeds Headingley (Leeds) England 2 21,556 Match list
Parkside Hunslet, Leeds Hunslet England 1 19,304 Match list
Station Road Castleford, Swinton Swinton (Manchester) England 2 29,007 Match list
The Boulevard Hull FC Kingston upon Hull (Hull) England 1 7,000 Match list
White City Stadium London White City (London) England 1 6,000 Match list
The Willows Salford Salford England 1 7,000 Match list
Wembley Stadium (Old) Wembley (London) England 1 39,000 Match list
Wilderspool English League, Warrington Wilderspool (Warrington) England 1 11,100 Match list


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