Championship 1994/95

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Round 22


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View  Featherstone Rovers 24 (D. Hughes 2, S. Molloy, M. Nixon tries; M. Aston 4 goals) defeated Bradford Northern 16 (G. Christie, P. Dixon, C. Hall, D. Turpin tries) at Odsal Stadium.
Date: Wed, 15th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Robert Connolly.   Crowd: 3,016.
View  Oldham 22 (W. Gibson, M. Kuiti tries; W. Marsh 7 goals) defeated Doncaster 14 (B. Carlyle, D. Evans tries; A. Green 3 goals) at Tattersfield.
Date: Wed, 15th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Karl Kirkpatrick.   Crowd: 1,803.
View  Widnes 23 (K. Hammond 2, P. Hulme tries; A. Hadley 5 goals; K. Hammond field goal) defeated Workington Town 0 at Naughton Park.
Date: Wed, 15th February12:00 AM.   Referee: David Asquith.   Crowd: 2,988.
View  Leeds 22 (F. Cummins, E. Hanley, G. Mann, A. Tait tries; G. Holroyd 3 goals) defeated Castleford 16 (A. Hay, A. Smith tries; L. Crooks 4 goals) at Wheldon Road.
Date: Fri, 17th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Colin Morris.   Crowd: 6,426.
View  Bradford Northern 42 (C. Hall 3, G. Christie 2, J. Hamer, D. Myers, R. Simpson tries; D. Fox 5 goals) defeated Hull FC 24 (A. Jackson 2, C. Kitching, G. Rose tries; M. Hewitt 4 goals) at Odsal Stadium.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Alan Bates.   Crowd: 3,561.
View  Salford 19 (S. Blakeley, J. Critchley, N. McAvoy, S. Panapa tries; S. Blakeley goal; S. Blakeley field goal) defeated Doncaster 12 (T. Miller, L. Williamson tries; A. Green 2 goals) at Tattersfield.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: David Campbell.   Crowd: 2,030.
View  St Helens 32 (A. Northey 2, A. Hunte, C. Joynt, A. Sullivan, P. Veivers tries; B. Goulding 4 goals) defeated Oldham 22 (S. Ranson 2, S. Gartland, M. Kuiti tries; W. Marsh 3 goals) at Knowsley Road.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: John Connolly.   Crowd: 5,824.
View  Wigan 20 (M. Cassidy, M. Offiah, H. Paul tries; F. Botica 4 goals) defeated Wakefield Trinity 12 (G. Spencer try; N. Wright 4 goals) at Belle Vue.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Russell Smith.   Crowd: 5,303.
View  Warrington 14 (A. Bennett 2, T. Barlow tries; J. Davies goal) drew with Halifax 14 (S. Baldwin, J. Bentley tries; N. Schuster 3 goals) at Wilderspool.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: John Holdsworth.   Crowd: 5,214.
View  Widnes 36 (K. Hammond 2, J. Devereux, A. Hadley, C. Makin tries; A. Hadley 8 goals) defeated Sheffield Eagles 18 (P. Broadbent, L. Stott tries; C. Briggs 5 goals) at Naughton Park.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Karl Kirkpatrick.   Crowd: 2,969.
View  Workington Town 13 (D. Drummond, K. Ellis tries; D. Marwood 2 goals; K. Ellis field goal) defeated Featherstone Rovers 2 (M. Aston goal) at Derwent Park.
Date: Sun, 19th February12:00 AM.   Referee: Robert Connolly.   Crowd: 3,489.


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