2017 RLWC Qualif 2015

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Round 1

Canada 18 drew with Jamaica 18

Match URL
Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
Kick Off
7:00 PM (local time)
Robert Hicks
Spec Martin Stadium (Stanford)
  Canada Jamaica
  18 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 12
Scrums 6 14
Penalties 8 8

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)       Tyronie Rowe
Tries   Robin Legault (2)   Alex Brown
    Ryley Jacks   Lamont Bryan
        Wayne Reittie
Goals   Steve Piatek (3/3)   Joel Farrell (3/5)


Fullback 1. Robin Legault 1. Wayne Reittie
Wing 2. Billy Gemmell 2. Alex Brown
Centre 3. Jonathan Cregg 3. Richie Barnett
Centre 4. Rick Schouten 19. Hamish Barnes
Wing 5. Adam Timler 5. Omari Caro
Five-Eighth 6. Ryley Jacks 6. Joel Farrell
Halfback 7. Steve Piatek (c) 12. Corey Hanson (c)
Front Row 8. Louis Robinson 11. Nathan Campbell
Hooker 9. Rhys Jacks 9. Marvin Thompson
Front Row 10. Tom Dempsey 10. Ross Peltier
Second Row 11. Christian Miller 18. Jermaine Pinnock
Second Row 12. Steve Bouchard 17. Mo Agoro
Lock 13. Jamie Kelly 13. Lamont Bryan
Bench 14. Matt Wyles 14. Joe Brown
Bench 15. Enoch Wamalwa 15. Tyronie Rowe
Bench 16. Antoine Blanc 4. Renaldo Wade
Bench 17. Alex Boyd 20. Brian Hutchinson
Coach   Aaron Zimmerle   Romeo Monteith

Match Notes

The match was played with American football posts that were located behind the dead ball line at both ends of the field.

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