Australia vs. New Zealand

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Australia 30 def. New Zealand 20

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Sunday, October 22nd, 1995
Russell Smith
Alfred McAlpine Stadium (Huddersfield)
  Australia New Zealand
  30 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 4
Scrums 9 6
Penalties 7 13

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Steve Menzies (2)   Richie Barnett
    Tim Brasher   Kevin Iro
    Mark Coyne   Tony Iro
    Brad Fittler    
    Terry Hill    
Goals   Andrew Johns (3)   Matthew Ridge (4)


Fullback 1. Tim Brasher 1. Matthew Ridge (c)
Wing 2. Rod Wishart 2. Sean Hoppe
Centre 3. Mark Coyne 3. Kevin Iro
Centre 4. Terry Hill 4. Richie Blackmore
Wing 5. Brett Dallas 5. Richie Barnett
Five-Eighth 6. Brad Fittler (c) 6. Tony Kemp
Halfback 7. Geoff Toovey 7. Stacey Jones
Front Row 8. Dean Pay 8. John Lomax
Hooker 9. Andrew Johns 9. Henry Paul
Front Row 10. Mark Carroll 10. Jason Lowrie
Second Row 11. Steve Menzies 11. Quentin Pongia
Second Row 12. Gary Larson 12. Stephen Kearney
Lock 13. Jim Dymock 13. Mark Horo
Bench 14. Robbie O'Davis 14. Gene Ngamu
Bench 15. Matthew Johns 15. Ruben Wiki
Bench 16. Jason Smith 16. Tony Iro
Bench 17. Nik Kosef 17. Hitro Okesene
Coach   Bob Fulton   Frank Endacott

Match Notes

Game was tied at 20-all at Full time. Teams played 10 minutes extra time each way.

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