France vs. Great Britain

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France 4 lost to Great Britain 23

Match URL
Sunday, June 5th, 1977
R Cooper
Carlaw Park (Auckland)
Official Man of the Match
Phil Hogan
  France Great Britain
  4 23

Match Stats

Halftime Score 4 16

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Les Dyl
        Roger Millward
        Stuart Wright
Goals   Jose Calle (2)   George Fairbairn (7/8)


Fullback 1. Jacques Guigue 1. George Fairbairn
Wing 2. Jose Moya 2. Keith Fielding
Centre 3. Christian Laskawiec 3. John Holmes
Centre 4. Andre Ruiz 4. Les Dyl
Wing 5. Patrick Chauvet 5. Stuart Wright
Five-Eighth 6. Jose Calle (c) 6. Roger Millward (c)
Halfback 7. Guy Alard 7. Steve Nash
Front Row 8. Michel Cassin 8. Jimmy Thompson
Hooker 9. Herve Bonet 9. David Ward
Front Row 10. Henri Daniel 10. Steve Pitchford
Second Row 11. Jean-Paul Sauret 11. George Nicholls
Second Row 12. Jean-Jacques Cologni 12. Eddie Bowman
Lock 13. Joel Roosebrouck 13. Phil Hogan
Bench 14. Guy Rodriguez 14. Len Casey
Bench     15. Ken Gill
Coach   Yves Bergou   David Watkins

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