France vs. Great Britain

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France 4 lost to Great Britain 13

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Wednesday, November 1st, 1972
F Gril
Stade des Alpes (Grenoble)
  France Great Britain
  4 13

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Phil Lowe (2)
        Clive Sullivan
Goals   Jean-Marie Bonal (1)   Terry Clawson (2)
    Victor Serrano (1)    


Fullback 1. Roger Toujas 1. Paul Charlton
Wing 2. Serge Marsolan 2. Clive Sullivan (c)
Centre 3. Michael Moliner 3. Chris Hesketh
Centre 4. Andre Ruiz 4. John Walsh
Wing 5. Jean-Marie Bonal 5. John Atkinson
Five-Eighth 6. Bernard Guilhelm 6. Dennis O'Neill
Halfback 7. Jacky Imbert 7. Steve Nash
Front Row 8. Francis de Nadai (c) 8. Terry Clawson
Hooker 9. Jacques Franc 9. Mike Stephenson
Front Row 10. Jean-Paul Sauret 10. Brian Lockwood
Second Row 11. Victor Serrano 11. Colin Dixon
Second Row 12. Serge Gleyzes 12. Phil Lowe
Lock 13. Guy Rodriguez 13. George Nicholls
Bench 14. Charles Zalduendo    
Coach       Jim Challinor

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