Great Britain vs. France

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Great Britain 33 def. France 7

Match URL
Saturday, October 1st, 1960
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
Eddie Martung
Station Road (Manchester)
  Great Britain France
  33 7

Match Stats

Halftime Score 13 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Alan Davies (2)   Jacques Dubon
    Austin Rhodes (2)    
    Frank Myler    
    Mick Sullivan    
    Jack Wilkinson    
Goals   Eric Fraser (6)   Andre Lacaze (2)


Fullback 1. Eric Fraser 1. Louis Poletti
Wing 2. Jim Challinor 2. Jacques Dubon
Centre 3. Austin Rhodes 3. Roger Rey
Centre 4. Alan Davies 4. Claude Mantoulan
Wing 5. Mick Sullivan 5. Raymond Gruppi
Five-Eighth 6. Frank Myler 6. Jacques Merquey (c)
Halfback 7. Alex Murphy 7. Georges Fages
Front Row 8. Brian McTigue 8. Aldo Quaglio
Hooker 9. John Shaw 9. Andre Casas
Front Row 10. Jack Wilkinson 10. Angelo Boldini
Second Row 11. Brian Shaw 11. Robert Eramouspe
Second Row 12. Vince Karalius 12. Jean Barthe
Lock 13. John Whiteley 13. Andre Lacaze
Coach   Bill Fallowfield   Rene Duffort
        Jean Duhau

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