Paris St Germain vs. Western Reds

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Paris St Germain 24 def. Western Reds 0

Match URL
Saturday, June 21st, 1997
Kick Off
7:00 PM (local time)
David Campbell
Stade Sebastien Charlety (Paris)
  Paris St Germain Western Reds
  24 0

Match Stats

Halftime Score 10 0
Penalties 6 3

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jason Eade (2)    
    Phil Bergman    
    Deon Bird    
    David Lomax    
Goals   Matt O'Connor (2)    


Fullback 1. Deon Bird 1. Matt Geyer
Wing 2. Nick Hyde 2. Matthew Daylight
Centre 3. Jason Eade 3. Chris Dever
Centre 4. Paul Evans 4. Paul Bell
Wing 5. Phil Bergman 5. Chris Ryan
Five-Eighth 6. Matt O'Connor 6. Tim Horan
Halfback 7. Jason Martin 7. Damien Chapman
Front Row 8. Joe Taylor 8. Robbie Kearns
Hooker 9. David O'Donnell 9. Matthew Fuller
Front Row 10. Jason Sands 10. Brett Green
Second Row 11. Troy Bellamy 11. Jon Grieve
Second Row 12. Adam Peters 12. Darren Higgins
Lock 13. David Lomax 13. Dale Fritz
Bench 14. Michael Hogue 14. Matthew Rodwell
Bench 15. Didier Cabestany 15. Corin Ridding
Bench     16. Wayne Evans
Bench     17. Greg Fleming
Coach   Andy Goodway   Dean Lance

Match Notes

Thanks to Terry Liberopoulos for providing the match details.

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