Super League XII 2007

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Round 22

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Super League XII 2007

Friday, 3 August
Super League XII 2007 St Helens 31 Hull FC 20 B. Thaler Knowsley 10,005 View
T: F. Meli (3)
P. Clough
A. Gardner
S. Long
G: S. Long (3/7)
M. Fa'asavalu (0/1)
F: S. Long
T: G. Horne
M. Sing
M. Tony
G: D. Tickle (4/5)
Super League XII 2007 Salford City 24 Hull Kingston Rovers 30 A. Klein The Willows 7,165 View
T: R. Barnett
S. Finnigan
D. Hodgson
A. Moule
G: J. Wilshere (4/4)
T: M. O'Neill (2)
P. Cooke
L. Dyer
M. Lennon
G: P. Cooke (5/7)
Sunday, 5 August
Super League XII 2007 Bradford 38 Wakefield Trinity 24 S. Ganson Grattan 10,701 View
T: J. Evans (2)
S. Burgess
D. Halley
G. Morrison
D. Solomona
T. Tupou
G: S. Burgess (5/8)
T: R. Atkins
J. Demetriou
P. Fox
K. Henderson
G: J. Rooney (4/5)
Super League XII 2007 Harlequins 20 Leeds 54 P. Bentham The Stoop 3,734 View
T: S. Hill
M. McLinden
D. Orr
P. Sykes
G: P. Sykes (2/4)
T: B. Webb (2)
S. Donald
G. Ellis
D. McGuire
J. Peacock
K. Sinfield
J. Tansey
J. Thackray
G: K. Sinfield (7/7)
J. Tansey (2/2)
Super League XII 2007 Huddersfield 42 Catalans 22 R. Silverwood Galpharm 4,319 View
T: S. Elford (2)
S. Wild (2)
D. Griffin
R. Jensen
C. Thorman
G: C. Thorman (7/8)
T: A. Chan
J. Croker
Y. Khattabi
A. Mogg
G: S. Jones (3/4)
Super League XII 2007 Warrington 43 Wigan 24 I. Smith Halliwell Jones 12,552 View
T: B. Grose (2)
C. Bridge
L. Briers
J. Clarke
H. Fa'afili
K. Penny
G: L. Briers (7/7)
F: L. Briers
T: D. Goulding (2)
L. Colbon
T. Leuluai
G: P. Richards (4/4)


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