Super League VI 2001

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Round 8

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Super League VI 2001

Sunday, 29 April
Super League VI 2001 London 20 Wigan 12 K. Kirkpatrick The Valley 5,101 View
T: R. Barnett
S. Cram
G. Fleming
T. Tollett
G: T. Martin (2)
T: M. Johns
K. Radlinski
G: A. Farrell (2)
Monday, 30 April
Super League VI 2001 Halifax 26 Leeds 38 I. Smith New Shay 6,471 View
T: J. Bloem
P. Davidson
J. Lawless
O. Marns
G: D. Tickle (5)
T: F. Cummins (2)
K. Senior (2)
I. Harris
R. Mears
G: I. Harris (7)
Super League VI 2001 Huddersfield 14 Hull FC 44 R. Connolly Alfred McAlpine 3,859 View
T: B. Kusto
H. O'Hare
G: S. McNamara (3)
T: G. Raynor (2)
D. Bird
T. Grimaldi
L. Jackson
D. Maiden
S. Prescott
J. Smith
G: M. Crowther (6)
Super League VI 2001 Wakefield Trinity 32 Salford 22 S. Cummings Belle Vue 2,940 View
T: J. Brooker (2)
G. Price (2)
J. Field
W. Sovatabua
G: P. March (4)
T: F. Maloney (2)
A. Coley
N. Pinkney
G: G. Holroyd (3)
Wednesday, 2 May
Super League VI 2001 Bradford 56 Warrington 24 I. Smith Valley Parade 9,663 View
T: T. Vaikona (3)
L. Gilmour
R. Hunter-Paul
G. Mackay
S. Naylor
L. Pryce
M. Withers
G: H. Paul (8)
P. Deacon (2)
T: L. Briers
M. Masella
G. Mercer
T. Nikau
G: L. Briers (4)
Wednesday, 9 May
Super League VI 2001 St Helens 36 Castleford Tigers 16 I. Smith Knowsley 6,836 View
T: A. Stewart (2)
K. Cunningham
S. Long
V. Matautia
S. Nickle
A. Sullivan
G: S. Long (4)
T: R. Gay
I. Tonks
J. Wells
G: D. Orr (2)


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