New Zealand vs France 1964 Series

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Game 2

New Zealand 18 def. France 8

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Saturday, August 1st, 1964
Earle Pilcher
Orangetheory Stadium (Christchurch)
  New Zealand France
  18 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Roger Bailey    
    Gary Blackler    
Goals   Jack Fagan (6)   Michel Boule (2)
        Pierre Plo (1)
Field Goals       Roger Garnung


Fullback 1. Jack Fagan 1. Jean Pierre Lecompte
Wing 2. Patrick White 2. Michel Boule
Centre 3. Roger Bailey 3. Claude Mantoulan
Centre 4. Graham Kennedy 4. Bernard Fabre
Wing 5. Ken McCracken 5. Gerard Savonne
Five-Eighth 6. John Bray 6. Jean Villeneuve
Halfback 7. Bill Snowden 7. Roger Garnung
Front Row 8. George Turner 8. Edouard Duseigneur
Hooker 9. Gary Blackler 9. Christian Sabatie
Front Row 10. Maunga Emery 10. Jean Pano
Second Row 11. Ian Drayton 11. Joseph Lapoterie
Second Row 12. Don Hammond 12. Georges Ailleres
Lock 13. Mel Cooke (c) 13. Henri Chamorin
Bench     14. Pierre Plo
Bench     15. Francis Mas

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