Great Britain vs New Zealand 1998 Series

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Game 1

Great Britain 16 lost to New Zealand 22

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Saturday, October 31st, 1998
Bill Harrigan
Alfred McAlpine Stadium (Huddersfield)
  Great Britain New Zealand
  16 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Paul Newlove   Robbie Hunter-Paul
    Jason Robinson   Stacey Jones
    Keith Senior   Stephen Kearney
        Joe Vagana
Goals   Andy Farrell (2)   Daryl Halligan (3)


Fullback 1. Kris Radlinski 1. Richie Barnett
Wing 2. Jason Robinson 2. Sean Hoppe
Centre 3. Gary Connolly 3. Kevin Iro
Centre 4. Paul Newlove 4. Ruben Wiki
Wing 5. Keith Senior 5. Daryl Halligan
Five-Eighth 6. Paul Sculthorpe 6. Robbie Hunter-Paul
Halfback 7. Tony Smith 7. Stacey Jones
Front Row 8. Neil Cowie 8. Joe Vagana
Hooker 9. Keiron Cunningham 9. Syd Eru
Front Row 10. Darren Fleary 10. Quentin Pongia (c)
Second Row 11. Lee Gilmour 11. Stephen Kearney
Second Row 12. Chris Joynt 12. Jarrod McCracken
Lock 13. Andy Farrell (c) 13. Logan Swann
Bench 14. Iestyn Harris 14. Henry Paul
Bench 15. Dale Laughton 15. Tony Puletua
Bench 16. Simon Haughton 16. Tony Iro
Bench 17. Terry O'Connor 17. Nathan Cayless
Coach   Andy Goodway    

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