Great Britain vs New Zealand 1961 Series

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Game 3

Great Britain 35 def. New Zealand 19

Match URL
Saturday, November 4th, 1961
Eric Clay
Station Road (Manchester)
  Great Britain New Zealand
  35 19

Match Stats

Halftime Score 18 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Mick Sullivan (2)   Tom Hadfield (2)
    Eric Ashton   Sam Edwards
    Bob Dagnall    
    Eric Fraser    
    Norman Herbert    
    Alex Murphy    
Goals   Neil Fox (7)   Reg Cooke (5)


Fullback 1. Eric Fraser (c) 1. William Harrison
Wing 2. Billy Boston 2. Tom Hadfield
Centre 3. Eric Ashton 3. Reg Cooke
Centre 4. Neil Fox 4. Roger Bailey
Wing 5. Mick Sullivan 5. Brian Reidy
Five-Eighth 6. Dave Bolton 6. Jim Bond
Halfback 7. Alex Murphy 7. Bill Snowden
Front Row 8. Norman Herbert 8. Sam Edwards
Hooker 9. Bob Dagnall 9. John Butterfield
Front Row 10. Brian McTigue 10. Maunga Emery
Second Row 11. Dick Huddart 11. Brian Lee
Second Row 12. John Whiteley 12. Don Hammond (c)
Lock 13. Roy Evans 13. Mel Cooke

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