France vs Australia 1956 Series

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Game 1

France 8 lost to Australia 15

Match URL
Thursday, November 1st, 1956
P Ribas
Parc des Princes (Paris)
  France Australia
  8 15

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jacques Merquey   Keith Holman (2)
    Augustin Parent   Des McGovern
Goals   Andre Audy (1)   Clive Churchill (2)
        Keith Holman (1)


Fullback 1. Andre Audy 1. Clive Churchill
Wing 2. Maurice Voron 2. Denis Flannery
Centre 3. Roger Rey 3. Dick Poole
Centre 4. Jacques Merquey (c) 4. Alex Watson
Wing 5. Andre Savonne 5. Des McGovern
Five-Eighth 6. Auguste Ambert 6. Bob Banks
Halfback 7. Guy Lucia 7. Keith Holman
Front Row 8. Francois Rinaldi 8. Roy Bull
Hooker 9. Antranick Apelian 9. Ken Kearney (c)
Front Row 10. François Montrucolis 10. Brian Davies
Second Row 11. Robert Medus 11. Ignatius Tyquin
Second Row 12. Augustin Parent 12. Norm Provan
Lock 13. Jean Rouqueirol 13. Kel O'Shea
Coach       Ken Kearney

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