England vs. France

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England 34 def. France 12

Match URL
Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Kick Off
8:00 PM (local time)
Leon Williamson
Keepmoat Stadium (Doncaster)
  England France
  34 12

Match Stats

Halftime Score 4 12

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off       Jean-Philippe Baile
Tries   Richard Myler (2)   Kane Bentley
    Tom Briscoe   Vincent Duport
    Ryan Hall    
    Kevin Sinfield    
    Lee Smith    
Goals   Kevin Sinfield (5/6)   Thomas Bosc (2/3)


Fullback 1. Shaun Briscoe 1. Clint Greenshields
Wing 2. Tom Briscoe 2. Vincent Duport
Centre 3. Lee Smith 3. Jean-Philippe Baile
Centre 4. Michael Shenton 4. Sébastien Raguin
Wing 5. Ryan Hall 5. Dimitri Pelo
Five-Eighth 6. Danny McGuire 6. Thomas Bosc
Halfback 7. Richard Myler 7. James Wynne
Front Row 8. Jamie Peacock (c) 8. David Ferriol
Hooker 9. Scott Moore 9. Kane Bentley
Front Row 10. Adrian Morley 10. Rémi Casty
Second Row 11. Gareth Ellis 11. Olivier Elima (c)
Second Row 12. Sam Burgess 12. Julien Touxagas
Lock 13. Kevin Sinfield 13. Jamal Fakir
Bench 14. James Graham 14. Constant Villegas
Bench 15. James Roby 15. Romain Gagliazzo
Bench 16. Ben Westwood 16. Sébastien Martins
Bench 17. Kyle Eastmond 17. Teddy Sadaoui
Coach   Tony Smith   Bobbie Goulding

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