France vs. England

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France 4 lost to England 42

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
Tim Mander
Parc des Sports d'Avignon (Avignon)
  France England
  4 42

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Claude Sirvent   Rob Burrow (3)
        Mark Calderwood (3)
        Andy Coley
        Gareth Raynor
Goals       Wayne Godwin (5)


Fullback 1. Renaud Guigue 1. Shaun Briscoe
Wing 2. Jérôme Hermet 2. Mark Calderwood
Centre 3. Claude Sirvent 3. Kirk Yeaman
Centre 4. Arnaud Dulac 4. Ben Westwood
Wing 5. Fourcade Abasse 5. Gareth Raynor
Five-Eighth 6. Laurent Frayssinous 6. Jon Wilkin
Halfback 7. Julien Rinaldi 7. Luke Robinson
Front Row 8. Adel Fellous 8. Ewan Dowes
Hooker 9. David Berthezene 9. Wayne Godwin
Front Row 10. Jean-Christophe Borlin 10. Andy Lynch
Second Row 11. Jamal Fakir 11. Rob Parker
Second Row 12. Sébastien Raguin 12. Andy Coley
Lock 13. Olivier Elima 13. Jamie Langley
Bench 14. David Ferriol 14. Rob Burrow
Bench 15. Bouatou Coulibaly 15. Eorl Crabtree
Bench 16. Maxime Grésèque 16. Paul Reilly
Bench 17. Olivier Pramil 17. Nick Scruton
Coach   Mick Aldous   Karl Harrison

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