France vs. England

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France 15 lost to England 17

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Sunday, March 20th, 1938
S Adams
Stade Buffalo (Paris)
  France England
  15 17

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Maurice Brunetaud   Tom Armitt
    Jean Salat   Val Cumberbatch
    Henri Sanz   Tommy McCue
Goals   Marius Guiral (3)   Billy Belshaw (3)
Field Goals       Jack Arkwright


Fullback 1. Marius Guiral 1. Billy Belshaw (c)
Wing 2. Henri Sanz 2. Val Cumberbatch
Centre 3. Max Rousié (c) 3. Jim Croston
Centre 4. Cyprien Estoueight 4. Cyril Morrell
Wing 5. Jean Salat 5. Les Grainge
Five-Eighth 6. Jean Dauger 6. Ernie Herbert
Halfback 7. Pierre Brinsolles 7. Tommy McCue
Front Row 8. Maurice Brunetaud 8. Harold Ellerington
Hooker 9. Joseph Griffard 9. Jack Arkwright
Front Row 10. Andre Rousse 10. Bob Ayres
Second Row 11. Marcel Nourrit 11. Alec Higgins
Second Row 12. Henri Durand 12. Tom Armitt
Lock 13. Andre Gau 13. Lawrence Thacker
Bench 14. Pierre Etchart 14. H Dyer

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