Papua New Guinea vs. England

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Papua New Guinea 12 lost to England 40

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Sunday, July 6th, 1975
L Pascoe
PNG Football Stadium (Port Moresby)
  Papua New Guinea England
  12 40

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Sukope Iko   George Fairbairn (2)
    Harrison Patalui   Keith Fielding (2)
        Dave Chisnall
        Mike Coulman
        Ken Gill
        Steve Nash
Goals   Billy Wartovo (3)   George Fairbairn (8)


Fullback 1. Billy Wartovo 1. George Fairbairn
Wing 2. Albert Age 2. Keith Fielding
Centre 3. Lohia Daroa 3. John Walsh
Centre 4. Robin Guere 4. Les Dyl
Wing 5. Karava Haivita 5. Ged Dunn
Five-Eighth 6. Sukope Iko 6. Roger Millward
Halfback 7. Paul Chue (c) 7. Steve Nash
Front Row 8. Vai Karawa 8. Mike Coulman
Hooker 9. Rod Pearce 9. John Bridges
Front Row 10. Harrison Patalui 10. Mick Morgan
Second Row 11. Tony Bussell 11. Eric Chisnall
Second Row 12. John Wagambie 12. Phil Cookson
Lock 13. Tara Gau 13. Steve Norton
Bench 14. Elijah Emori 14. Parry Gordon
Bench 15. Henry Kavanamur 15. Derek Noonan
Bench 16. Eka Fae 16. Dave Chisnall
Bench 17. Bill Phillips 17. John Atkinson
Bench     18. Tommy Smales
Coach   Barry Van Heekeren    

Match Notes

Many thanks to Bill Bates, Chris Thompson, Bob Cutmore and John Wagambie for the information on this match.

Contributions: Bill Bates


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