Great Britain vs. France

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Great Britain 7 lost to France 8

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Saturday, July 31st, 1982
Guy Cattaneo
Stadio Pierluigi Penzo (Venice)
  Great Britain France
  7 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 3

Match Scoresheet

Tries   John Joyner   Ivan Grésèque
Goals   George Fairbairn (2)   Andre Perez (1)
Field Goals       Andre Perez (3)


Fullback 1. George Fairbairn 1. Andre Perez
Wing 2. Des Drummond 2. Patrick Solal
Centre 3. John Joyner 3. Christian Laumond (c)
Centre 4. Mike Smith 4. Michel Laffargue
Wing 5. Paul Prendiville 5. Sebastian Rodriguez
Five-Eighth 6. David Topliss (c) 6. Michel Laville
Halfback 7. Steve Nash 7. Ivan Grésèque
Front Row 8. Mike O'Neill 8. Jose Gine
Hooker 9. David Ward 9. Thierry Bernabe
Front Row 10. John Wood 10. Yves Storer
Second Row 11. Trevor Skerrett 11. Marc Ambert
Second Row 12. Ian Potter 12. Jean-Jacques Cologni
Lock 13. Alan Rathbone 13. Manuel Caravaca
Bench 14. Andy Gregory    
Bench 15. Ray Tabern    
Bench 16. Les Dyl    
Coach   John Whiteley    

Match Notes

This was a "special missionary exhibition" match sponsored by Italian businessman Mario Majoni, to promote the game in Italy.

However some questioned the wisdom of doing so at the time, given Italy were still celebrating their FIFA World Cup win just 20 days previously.


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