Papua New Guinea vs. France

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Papua New Guinea 16 lost to France 27

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Sunday, June 17th, 2001
Paul Simpkins
PNG Football Stadium (Port Moresby)
  Papua New Guinea France
  16 27

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Michael Marum   Frederic Banquet (2)
    Stanley Tepend   Jean-Christophe Borlin
    John Wilshere   Sylvain Houles
        Vincent Wulf
Goals   John Wilshere (2)   Frederic Banquet (3)
Field Goals       Frederic Banquet


Fullback 1. David Buko 1. Frederic Banquet
Wing 2. John Wilshere 2. Renaud Guigue
Centre 3. Eddie Aila 3. Sylvain Houles
Centre 4. Chris Purkikil 4. Arnaud Dulac
Wing 5. Alfred Songoro 5. Michaël Van Snick
Five-Eighth 6. Stanley Tepend 6. Laurent Frayssinous
Halfback 7. Nime Kapo 7. Fabien Devecchi
Front Row 8. Makali Aizue 8. Romain Gagliazzo
Hooker 9. Michael Marum 9. Vincent Wulf
Front Row 10. John Waka 10. Frederic Teixido
Second Row 11. Raymond Kahl 11. Jerome Vincent
Second Row 12. Duncan Na'awi 12. Gael Tallec
Lock 13. Mark Mom (c) 13. Laurent Carrasco
Bench 14. Tarzan Malaguna 14. Jean-Christophe Borlin
Bench 15. James Kops 15. Pascal Jampy
Bench 16. Joe Sipa 16. Romain Sort
Bench 17. Charlie Joe 17. Artie Shead

Match Notes

Thanks to Tim Butcher from League Express magazine for providing the information for this game.


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