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Championship 1987/88

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Round 15

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Championship 1987

Sunday, 20 December
Championship 1987/88 Castleford 18 Leigh 22 J. Smith Wheldon Road 3,601 View
T: S. Irwin
T. Marchant
G: R. Beardmore (5)
T: C. Burrell
M. Dean
S. Horo
J. Kerr
N. McCulloch
G: P. Johnson
Championship 1987/88 Hunslet 10 Wigan 38 S. Haigh Elland Road 3,582 View
T: R. Milton
S. Nickle
G: A. Platt
T: E. Hanley (4)
D. Marshall (2)
A. Goodway
G: R. Russell (5)
Championship 1987/88 Warrington 18 Bradford Northern 12 F. Lindop Wilderspool 4,521 View
T: M. Crompton
D. Lyon
M. Roberts
G: J. Woods (3)
T: W. Heron
G: D. Hobbs (4)


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