Australia vs France 1951 Series

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Game 2

Australia 23 def. France 11

Match URL
Saturday, June 30th, 1951
Kick Off
2:30 PM (local time)
Tom McMahon Jnr
Brisbane Cricket Ground (Brisbane)
  Australia France
  23 11

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 6

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off   Noel Hazzard   Elie Brousse
Tries   Denis Flannery   Jacques Merquey
    Duncan Hall    
    Keith Holman    
Goals   Noel Pidding (6)   Puig Aubert (4)
Field Goals   Clive Churchill    


Fullback 1. Clive Churchill (c) 1. Puig Aubert (c)
Wing 2. Noel Pidding 2. Vincent Cantoni
Centre 3. Col Geelan 3. Joseph Crespo
Centre 4. Noel Hazzard 4. Gaston Comes
Wing 5. Denis Flannery 5. Raymond Contrastin
Five-Eighth 6. Frank Stanmore 6. Jacques Merquey
Halfback 7. Keith Holman 7. Jean Dop
Front Row 8. Alan Thompson 8. Rene Duffort
Hooker 9. Ernie Hammerton 9. Edouard Ponsinet
Front Row 10. Duncan Hall 10. Elie Brousse
Second Row 11. Brian Davies 11. Louis Mazon
Second Row 12. Bernie Drew 12. Gabriel Genoud
Lock 13. Harold Crocker 13. Paul Bartoletti
Coach   Vic Hey   Bob Samatan

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Contributions: Gary Neale


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