Australasia vs England 1910 Series

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Game 1

Australasia 13 drew with England 13

Match URL
Saturday, July 9th, 1910
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
Tom McMahon Snr
Royal Agricultural Society Showground (Sydney)
  Australasia England
  13 13

Match Stats

Halftime Score 8 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Ed Courtney   Bert Avery
    Viv Farnsworth   Jim Leytham
    Chris McKivat   Billy Winstanley
Goals   Dally Messenger (2)   Jim Lomas (1)
        Johnny Thomas (1)


Fullback 1. Riki Papakura 1. Jim Sharrock
Wing 2. Ernie Asher 2. Billy Batten
Centre 3. Dally Messenger (c) 3. Jim Lomas (c)
Centre 4. Viv Farnsworth 4. Bert Jenkins
Wing 5. Albert Broomham 5. Jim Leytham
Five-Eighth 6. Bill Farnsworth 6. Johnny Thomas
Halfback 7. Chris McKivat 7. Tommy Newbould
Front Row 8. Ed Courtney 8. Fred Webster
Hooker 9. Sandy Pearce 9. Dick Ramsdale
Front Row 10. Con Sullivan 10. Billy Winstanley
Second Row 11. Billy Cann 11. Bill Jukes
Second Row 12. Robert Craig 12. Bert Avery
Lock 13. Herb Brackenreg 13. Herbert Kershaw

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Contributions: Andrew Ferguson, Greg Fiveash


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