World Cup 1970

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Click on the View icon to view corresponding match page. Please note that you can click on teams, players, referees and venues in the list below, but the link colour has been removed in order to improve readability.

View  Australia 47 (J. Cootes 2, R. Branighan, R. Coote, R. Fulton, R. McCarthy, E. Simms, B. Smith, R. Turner tries; E. Simms 9 goals; E. Simms field goal) defeated New Zealand 11 (G. Smith try; G. Ladner goal; G. Ladner 3 field goals) at Central Park.
Date: Wed, 21st October12:00 AM.   Referee: Billy Thompson.   Crowd: 9,805.
View  Great Britain 11 (S. Hynes try; R. Dutton 3 goals; S. Hynes field goal) defeated Australia 4 (R. Fulton, E. Simms field goals) at Headingley.
Date: Sat, 24th October.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Australia 4-2.   Referee: Fred Lindop.   Crowd: 15,169.
View  New Zealand 16 (M. Brereton, G. Cooksley tries; G. Ladner 5 goals) defeated France 15 (S. Marsolan 2, E. Bonal tries; J. Capdouze 3 goals) at The Boulevard.
Date: Sun, 25th October12:00 AM.   Halftime: France 5-4.   Referee: Billy Thompson.   Crowd: 3,824.
View  Great Britain 6 (R. Dutton 3 goals) defeated France 0 at Wheldon Road.
Date: Wed, 28th October.   Kickoff: 7:30 PM.   Halftime: Great Britain 4-0.   Referee: Fred Lindop.   Crowd: 8,958.
View  Great Britain 27 (J. Atkinson, C. Hesketh, S. Hynes, C. Laughton, C. Watson tries; R. Dutton 6 goals) defeated New Zealand 17 (F. Christian, A. Kriletich, G. Smith tries; G. Ladner 4 goals) at Station Road.
Date: Sat, 31st October12:00 AM.   Halftime: Great Britain 15-10.   Referee: Fred Lindop.   Crowd: 5,609.
View  France 17 (S. Marsolan 2, J. Capdouze tries; J. Capdouze 2 goals; J. Capdouze, R. Garrigues field goals) defeated Australia 15 (J. Cootes 2, R. Fulton tries; E. Simms 3 goals) at Odsal Stadium.
Date: Sun, 1st November.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: France 12-5.   Referee: Billy Thompson.   Crowd: 6,654.
View  Australia 12 (J. Cootes, L. Williamson tries; E. Simms 2 goals; E. Simms field goal) defeated Great Britain 7 (J. Atkinson try; R. Dutton goal; S. Hynes field goal) at Headingley.
Date: Sat, 7th November.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Australia 5-4.   Scrums: Great Britain 21-11.   Penalties: Great Britain 19-7.   Referee: Fred Lindop.   Crowd: 18,776.


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