Premiership Trophy 1986/87

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Wigan Warriors
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May 10th St Helens 8 Warrington 18 R. Whitfield Knowsley 12,828 View
T: B. Ledger
G: B. Ledger
P. Loughlin
T: D. Drummond
B. Johnson
J. Ropati
G: P. Bishop (2)
F: P. Bishop (2)
May 10th Wigan 18 Halifax 10 G. Kershaw Central Park 22,457 View
T: A. Goodway
S. Hampson
J. Lydon
D. Stephenson
G: J. Lydon
T: G. Eadie
S. Wilson
G: C. Whitfield
May 17th Wigan 8 Warrington 0 K. Allatt Old Trafford 38,756 View
T: J. Lydon
G: H. Gill
D. Stephenson


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