Ashes Series 1928

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Great Britain


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Game 1
1928 Jun 23rd Australia 12 - England 15 C. Broadfoot Brisbane Exhibit 39,300 View
T: V. Armbruster
C. Aynsley
G: C. Aynsley
J. Craig
E. Freestone
T: A. Ellaby
L. Fairclough
B. Horton
G: J. Sullivan (3)
Game 2
1928 Jul 14th Australia 0 - England 8 L. Deane SCG 44,548 View
T: A. Ellaby
J. Parkin
G: J. Sullivan
Game 3
1928 Jul 21st Australia 21 - England 14 L. Deane SCG 37,380 View
T: B. Wearing (2)
C. Pearce
G: J. Craig (3)
B. Wearing (3)
T: L. Fairclough (2)
G: J. Sullivan (4)

3 games
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